Recycling Materials and Waste

Coastal Skip Bin Hire Pty Ltd are dedicated to recycling as much of the materials and waste that we collect from our clients as possible. People are often pleasantly surprised by the amount of their waste that can be recycled and absolutely over the moon when we tell them that by recycling so much of their waste they are able to save more money. Sending your rubbish and waste straight to landfill is significantly more expensive than recycling as this will be charged at the current Fraser Coast Tip Fee Rate for landfill rubbish. When you hire skip bins from Coastal Skip Bin Hire Pty Ltd, we segregate your waste which is what enables us to keep our costs lower than our competitors. If you segregate your waste yourself you can reduce the costs even further – often it is cheaper in the long-run to hire two or three smaller skip bins and use them to segregate different types of waste than to just get one big skip which is used for everything.

What Can and Cannot Be Recycled?

We are able to recycle a lot of different materials. Often, if we cannot recycle the material then we will try to re-purpose it instead, finding a new use for the item. A good example of this is treated timber – it cannot be recycled but we will always try to re-home it rather than send it to landfill. Items that we can recycle include tiles and concrete which are crushed and recycled into trench rubble and road base; green waste and plant materials are turned into mulch; steel gets sent to specialist recycling centres in Brisbane and gyprock or plasterboard gets crushed and put into soils.

While we do our best to recycle as much as we can, there are some items that we cannot, including batteries, paint and asbestos.

Commercial Waste Removal:

We have a strong reputation for assisting commercial businesses to stream-line their waste management system while also saving them money. Our team of expert waste management specialists set up custom systems tailored to the individual waste removal needs of each property – colour-coded bins are used throughout the property to segregate the rubbish, and are placed in logical areas to minimise the amount of time that it takes to transport the waste to the relevant bin while also ensuring that the bins are not in the way of any business operations. We then set up a schedule for the emptying of the bins to ensure that they never overflow or become a hazard.

Recycled Material For Sale


Recycling Materials and Waste

If you would like to discuss how Coastal Skip Bin Hire Pty Ltd can help your business reduce waste management costs as well as your carbon footprint, contact us today. Call 0458 721 060.