Commercial Skip Bin Hire for Builders and Construction Sites

Coastal Skip Bin Hire Pty Ltd are a commercial skip bin hire company dedicated to producing low-cost, environmentally friendly, waste management solutions to local Hervey Bay building and construction companies. We consider ourselves to be more than just a skip bin hire company; we are waste solution experts, dedicated to minimising unnecessary waste, whilst reducing costs for fellow Australian businesses and consumers. Also offered are business accounts to help you get through your project without any financial hiccups.

We try to recycle as many materials as possible, minimising your council fees from the tip, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. Please give us a call to arrange skip bin hire on your site, we can normally provide same or next day delivery!

Segregated Skip Bin Systems:

When you’ve only got one bin on site, be it a big skip or a cage, you run into a multitude of problems. The first being that you’ll have workers from different points of the site walking to the one bin, wasting time and money. You’ll then run into problems when it comes time to bring your waste to the tip; having to pay exorbitant council fees because your waste is mixed and requires sorting through. Sometimes when building structures that sit right on the border, you’ll also find that waste cages are also impossible to place properly.

Most builders we spoke to don’t even realise this is a problem and that there’s other alternatives to the traditional cage and single skip bin waste solution. We’ve created a simple, proactive solution that minimises costs whilst maximises the resourcefulness of your employees. Instead of using larger skip bins, we use smaller skip bins for each of the individual material types we recycle, with one for each of the following:

  • General Waste
  • Tiles, Concrete, Brick and Steel
  • Gyprock and Plaster Board

The bins will be colour-coded so your workers can easily differentiate where to put their waste. We take care of all your waste and we can generally get to your site on the same day you call us to empty any skip bins you’ve hired from us.

Many of our customers don’t realise the savings that are possible from incorporating a segregated bin system on your building site. When you bring in mixed wastage to Fraser Coast council tips, you will pay the current Fraser Coast Tip Fee Rate. When you hire multiple skip bins with us, you’ll negate the costs of council tip fees for your recyclable goods, because we recycle in-house, and all our skip bin hire includes transport costs. So, if you instead hired a few small bins to segregate your waste, we could potentially bring your tip fees down to $0, provided it’s all recyclable.

We’ll still happily hire out single bins for combined wastage to our customers, but we highly recommend that you at least give segregated usage a try to see how much it can save you.

Commercial Waste Management Solutions to Suit Your Needs:

Whether you’re building a tower or a townhouse, we can create waste removal solutions to suit your needs including providing you with skip bins that have drop-down doors, or putting skip bins on each level of a multi-storey complex you’re building. We believe that by providing proactive waste solutions to our customers, we can not only reduce costs for our clients, but also prevent the careless wastage of useful materials that otherwise end up in landfill.

Commercial Skip Bin Hire

Get in touch to discuss the skip bin and waste management requirements of your current job site or project. Call 0458 721 060.